Monday, August 15, 2011

Knowledge Paradigm

Absurd assumptions balance the dichotomy of complexity, and discover doors of simple opportunity that ease the structure of faith. Good and evil greet ideas of ignorance with the illusion of imagination and immortality. The intellect holds keys to knowledge that logic intends as a facility for death. The neutral state of opinion is where prayer provides proof for a paradigm of purpose. Rationalism brings religion and science seasons of uncertainty that protect the wisdom of the Yin and Yang. Contrasting axioms create a scientific method to synchronize thought among subtle nuances that pretend trust.

Movement of Arbitration

The weight of an enlightened mind miraculously balances the architecture of higher dogmatic states. Past deeds destroy subjectivity and the imaginative retribution of dark energy. Sociological reflections divide the souls of global mentality. A psychic trust mercifully abbreviates transgressions of a being having dispersed psycho energetic negativism. Pious visitors of ideology reprove the knowledge of rationalism. Verdicts of punishment prove an objective science improves the spiritual heart. The voice of a Lion Hearted serpent rings true.

Antagonisms of Uneasiness

Alarm gives way to amusement as the atonement of agony’s sentimentality offers jubilation to antagonisms of uneasiness. Restored by enthusiasm for the serenity of an exasperated grace, the boredom of contrition is contemptuous of IT, rejecting the optimism found in excitement.

Amazement and Shame

Amazement and annoyance alienate Love’s pleasure of loneliness. The shock of egotism guilds helplessness into the assistance of pride. Relief’s aggravation anguishes over the awakening of bliss, and caring of cheerfulness. A curious depression desires despair, and the disappointment of distress. The ecstasy of elation glumly grieves over hope, and the hopelessness of horror. Hysteria is infatuated with joy. Liking lust but melancholy over miseries mortality, the mortification and perversion of rage is regretfully remorseful over the sadness of insanity. The shame and sorrow of suffering lists its unhappy woes.

The Attribution of Atonement

Hierarchy less atonement leaves an attribution of affliction that conflicts ambivalent defeats, and arouses the dejection of divinity without articulation. The entropy of equanimity cannot erode the compassion of euphoria nor discontentment, whose contrition is akin to moral sin without the delight of neglect for the passion it possesses. Disagreements concerning displeasure for neglect respect an embarrassing victory. To hate honor invites humiliation and insecurity, where kind liberty longs for sweet Love with the permission of a rejected satisfaction. Our sins of triumph are vitriolic. The heaven of hell exists, and the hell of heaven is in fear of itself.

Altruistic Insight

The anticipation of altruism astonishes the attraction of doubt, empathy, and fear. Hatred is isolated among neglect. A powerlessness that is selfish affects the confidence of fondness and agitates the anxiety of apprehension. Yet dread, it’s frightful grumpiness panics at the terror of torment, and worries about other surprises.

The Motion of Emotion

A collective framework to engage the “intent of communication” beyond the proposition of basic discovery and intuition provides a philosophical construction for humility that is neither happy nor sad, and both angry and resolved using linguistic states to perceive hierarchies for the motion of emotion.